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Fraudulent acts are the major causes of revenue leakage in the public sectors. They are dangerous and detrimental to the success and survival of every organisation. They are causes of factors that retard or hinder growth and development in an organisation. It is very worrisome issue and that thing of concern in Nigerian universities.The study therefore, focused on examining forensic accounting skills and techniques as a panacea for revenue leakages in the Nigerian universities with particular reference to university of Jos. To collect the required data, the use of causal research design was employed. Under this design, data were generated from both primary and secondary sources through the use of questionnaire, personal interview and extensive review of related literature. To generate primary data, questionnaires were designed and distributed to the staff of audit, bursary and other administrative units of the University. A model was specified using Logistic regression which was used to predict a dependent variable on the basis of independent variables. The model was also used to rank the relative importance of independents variables, to assess interaction effects and to understand the impact of covariate control variables. Data were analysed using table while the hypotheses were tested using wald test. The outcome of the study revealed that forensic accounting skills and techniques can have a significant influence against revenue leakages in the university system and that management integrity can help achieve and/or improve a strong, reliable and effective internal control system in an organisation as well.When this is done, it will deter staff from committing fraudulent acts relating to revenue leakages. The study recommends that management of the Nigerian universities should ensure that there is regular surveillance of forensic accounting audit when introduced among staff and the management should also ensure strict adherence to that effect. Also, staff of internal audit unit of Nigerian universities should be continuously trained on forensic accounting processes and procedures.

Keywords: Forensic Accounting, Forensic Accounting Skills and Techniques, Forensic Audit,

Revenue Leakages, Management Integrity

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